Walk Me Down

Walk me down to heaven


Belay me down on twisted vines

I'm only here for the beauty

I ain't expecting peace of mind


Float me down the river

I'm seeing kings in the canyon's face

I see a light that shines, shines all around

So walk me down


Walk me down to heaven

But I won't grovel at the door

Gonna rest my head in the blue sea

Dry my bones upon the shore


Lift me up that I might see

Shimmy up your tallest tree

And I will sing your glory, for miles around

Walk me down


It's not a drum, I don't need to march

Just my own Eveready heart

And I ain't gonna wait till it stops

To start walking


Whose engine ain't running

Whose hands they are bleeding

White collar tightening

Whose medicines they're mixing

Whose dinner is in silence

Who’s in far-deep water

Wears his anger like medals

Self-serenades in puddles


So little I have learned

We watch the world slowly burn

But I still see the beauty

I see it all around

Walk me down