Your Money or Your Life

Your Money or Your Life


This is not my life

These are not my shoes

These pants, they fit way too tight

I will dance and shake them loose


Were you ever 14?

Driving your first car?

When you feel the wind in your hair

Is that not still who you are?


She whispers it so plain

Into the spitting rain

Says, "Boy, it's your money or your life"


We all take a few wrong turns

Through alleys cold and grey

Me, I chased the wrong bird

And my own bird flew away


Time is not your friend

Despite all that you do

If you end up getting lost

She will not come back for you


But she'll speak it oh so clear

Into your dirty ear

She says, "Boy, it's your money or your life"


Used to shine my own shoes

And try and sing the blues

Now I go to the shoeshine man

And I read the BBC news


I used to fix my own car

Break down somewhere far

Now they just plug in a chip

But I never have time to take a trip


So this is not my life

And these are not my shoes

I borrowed everything I have

And I'll give it all to you


And she'll scream it in my ear

So I could finally hear

She said, "Daddy, it's your money or your life"