The Night of My Death

On the night of my death, I was feeling fine

Crossing the street towards my kids and my wife

The sun was blinding, low in the sky

The guy in the truck, who was mad at his wife…did not see me


On the night of my death, I swear I'd no regrets

Cleaned all wounds, squarely settled all my debts

Old enemies and lovers pulled me tightly to their breasts

Said, "Let bygones be bygones," and time did the rest


On the night of my death, all my affairs were neatly closed


Dotted all my i's and put all my ducks all in a row

I did look good, in my brand-new suit of clothes

Even the lawyers, they swore they'd never seen such perfect prose


On the night of my death, I gathered my friends around

We traded some songs, I said I'd see them again

I didn't think that was true, it didn't feel like a lie, at the time

Had the night of my life


On the night of my death, I wrote letters to my folks

I told 'em I loved 'em and I told 'em one more joke

Put all my stuff out on the street

Emptied my room for next guy

Left it all so clean


On the night of my death, I held my family tight

Told our kids everything would be all right

I didn't know if that was true, it didn't feel like a lie at the time

We had the night of our lives