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Awards & PRAIse

  • "Alexis Harte is a rare multi-dimensional talent that succeeds in many diverse musical challenges and environments." - Kurrent Music

  • “Exploring the subject of death, Alexis Harte brings us both a powerful song and video as he touches on a sensitive question for some: If today was your last day, how would you live it?" - Elicit Magazine

  • Annie Award Winner for Best Music in Pearl

    • A Google Spotlight Stories VR film, the piece was also nominated for an Oscar and won an Emmy.

  • “I now know how difficult it is to wipe tears off the inside of a head-mounted display. The film makes wonderful use of its soundtrack. It’s the soundscape itself that gives it a sense of movement.” - Polygon

  • "What drives this piece is the incredible song you hear as you watch. It is a very extraordinary pop song that you can't forget.” - Post Magazine