"Pearl" Nominated for 2017 Oscars!

Just got the thrilling news this AM that "Pearl" is nominated for an Academy Award.

Director Patrick Osborne is such a formidable story-teller (he won an Oscar 2 years ago for "Feast" so lets hope lightning strikes twice).  I got to write the lyrics and co-write/produce the music with my dear Pollen Partners, JJ Wiesler and Scot Stafford for this timeless father-daughter story, set inside their roving home, an 80s hatchback named.....Pearl. 

Pearl will be making the rounds in theaters with the other amazing short films we are up against (Pixar's Piper anyone?), so I hope you all get a chance to see it on the silver screen, or better yet, in VR for which it was originally made. (Its actually the first VR film to earn an Oscar nomination). 

Some of the geniuses (jIMDB them!) who brought Pearl to life: Jamey Scott (our amazing sound designer), David Eisenmann, Jan Pinkava, Cassidy Curtis, Regina Duigan, Rachid El Guerrab, Karen Dufilho-Rosen, Cara Speller, Dan Rosen, Matt McDonald, Stevan Riley, James Ritts, and many more.