Heads or Tails

On any given day, there’s a chance of rain
another meteor, just missed again
The earth might shake, seas breach the walls
and what were the odds, we even made it here at all?

Like a penny you fell, from out of the blue
all reason betrayed, when I opened my hands  and found you... 

Heads I love you,  tails I love you too
you can call it in the air

In this Milky Way, I’d say the odds are good
someone’s staring back, from their clearing in the woods
But that's a guessing game, from my point of view
and I won’t play dice, when it comes to me and you 

Heads I love you,  tails I love you too

It’s a Summer’s day, kids run and play
but daddy’s down, ambulance on the way
Guess the glass was tipped, the sand ran through
so I will not waste, the little time I get with you

Heads I love you,  tails I love you too