“7 Lively Sins”

There’s be no saints, without some sinners
no good losers, without some bad winners

You can have your love, you can have your trust
just gimme greed, envy, and lust
with 4 more,  waiting in line

So many sins....So little time

There’d be no you, there’d be no me
no one was born of chastity.

You can have your faith, your humility
I’ve got pride, wrath, and gluttony
We'll stay in bed, til  the sun climbs high

So many sins, so little time

You see the church, I see the steeple
you open the door, see the little people
You can have your prayers and your bended knees
I'm going to do just what I please..
Because it’s over in the blink of an eye

So many sins, so little time